Product Capacity of Resistors

Commercial Resistor

Wire Wound Resistor for Precision, Power, Fusible Series Max. 2,000,000 Pcs/month
Power-Film Resistor for Metal Oxide, Anti-surge, and Pulse Load Series Max. 55,000,000 Pcs/month
Thermal Dissipation Ceramic Housed Cement Resistor for SQP, SQM, SQT, SQH, SQZ Series Max. 30,000,000 Pcs/month
Fusible Resistor for Wire-wound, Metal-Film, Ceramic Housed Cement, and Thermal Cut-offs Series Max. 35,000,000 Pcs/month
Metal-Film Resistor for Precision, and Fusible Max. 40,000,000 Pcs/month
Metal Glaze Anti Surge Resistor Max. 9,500,000 Pcs/month
Carbon Composition Resistor Max. 8,000,000 Pcs/month
Carbon Film Resistor Max. 200,000,000 Pcs/month
CDS Photoresistor Max. 8,000,000 Pcs/month
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High Precision Resistor

Precision Mould Series Max. 2,500,000 Pcs/month
Precision Coating Series Max. 5,500,000 Pcs/month
Precision Networks Series Max. 3,800,000 Pcs/month
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Industrial Wire-Wound High Power Resistor

Fix Wire-Wound Power Resistor for 10W ~ 20000W Max. 550,000 Pcs/month
Adjustable Power Wire-Wound Type for 15W ~ 20000W Max. 250,000 Pcs/month
Aluminum Encased Resistor for 5W ~ 1500W Max. 800,000 Pcs/month
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Surface Mount Chip Resistor

Thin-Film Chips Max. 80,000,000 Pcs/month
Thick Film Chips Max. 65,000,000 Pcs/month
Chip Array Resistor Max. 12,000,000 Pcs/month
Chip Resistor Network Max. 7,500,000 Pcs/month
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Current Sensing Resistor

Open Air Low Ohmic Resistors Max. 13,000,000 Pcs/month
Mould Low Ohmic Extra Precision Resistors Max. 1,500,000 Pcs/month
Current Sense Metal Strip Chip Resistors Max. 35,000,000 Pcs/month
Current Sensing Chips Max. 58,000,000 Pcs/month
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High Voltage Resistor

Glaze Glass Film with Serpentine Pattern Design for High Voltage, High Pulse Load Max. 3,000,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Composition Resistor for Anti-surge Max. 1,500,000 Pcs/month
High Resistance Hi-Meg Hermetic Resistor Max. 800,000 Pcs/month
Ultra-high Freguency Max. 500,000 Pcs/month
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TO-Style Resistor

TO-220 Power Precision for 20W, 30W, 35W, and 50W Max. 4,800,000 Pcs/month
TO-247 Power Precision for 100W Max. 3,500,000 Pcs/month
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Melf Resistor

Non-Inductive for High Frequency Application Max. 3,500,000 Pcs/month
Metal Film for Precision Application Max. 37,000,000 Pcs/month
Metal Glaze Film for Pulse Load Application Max. 13,800,000 Pcs/month
Carbon Film for General Purpose Use Max. 48,000,000 Pcs/month
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