Quality Assurance System of Token

Standard In Charge Unit Data Sheet Flow Chart
Contract Review Standard All Unit   Quality Policy  
Sales, Customer Phone, Fax Contract Review   Customer Requirement
Sales Contract / PO Acceptance
Manufacturing Process Order Trial Run
QC Insp. Report Insp.
Approval Standard Process. QC Prepare Spec. Trial Out   Approving
General Manager        
Sales, Customer Customer Spec. Inspection   Approval
Purchasing Standard Supplier Audit Standard        
Purchasing Purchasing Sheet Purchasing
  Supplier Audit Record  
Incoming Insp. Standard Process Control Incoming Stock Incoming Insp. Record Incoming Insp.   Mass Product
Manufacturing Process Order    
Product Insp. Standard Product Stock PO General   Stock-In Insp.
  Data Sheet  
Product In / Out Stock Standard Document and Data Controll Product Stock PO General Outgoing Insp.   Stock-Out Insp.
  Data Sheet    
Sales Delivery Sheet Stock-Out
Product Stock    
Customer Dissatisfaction
Solving Procedure
Sales     Customer Complaint
  Phone, Fax, Letter  
Sales Customer Improve Quality and Feed Back
Quality System Audit Standard General Manager Quality Audit and Report    
Quality System Audit