Custom Designs

Heat Resistors

Token Heat Resistors - thermal far-infrared radiation ceramic glaze membrane components electric membrane is the introduction of new materials and new technologies produced a new generation of high-temperature membrane electric products, which compared to conventional electric heating elements have an unparalleled advantage.
HR Series - PDF

High Power Voltage Resistors

The RI85 High Power Voltage Resistors use Token's proprietary thick film metal glaze resistive element and Serpentine Pattern Design which provides ideal cost efficient, stability, high power and high voltage characteristics for a wide range of measurement, voltage divider circuits, and control functions in high voltage power electronics applications.
RI85 Series - PDF

High Voltage Network Dividers

Token High Voltage Network Dividers - By applying this technology to the low-profile, single-in-line package configuration, the Type (NTK) Custom SIP Resistor Networks are available with a combination of features. which include: Low TCR 250 ppm/°C (100 ppm/°C or tighter upon request), operating temperature range -55°C ~ +125°C (higher temperature upon request), flat style, non-inductive, low noise, and also custom divider design.
NTK Series - PDF