Ceramic Filters

450kHz~470kHz (LTB)

Introduction (LTB)

(LTB) Ceramic Filter is Perfect for Shrinking Mobile Communication Products. Token Ceramic Filter series conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free.

Ceramic filters for communication (LTB) series can be customed designs and tighter tolerances available on request.

Application of ceramic filters specific designs also available including different piezo band-pass devices and Q specifications adjusted to frequency requirements.

Token ceramic filters for communication (LTB) series comprises small, high performance.

Their innovative construction is perfect for shrinking mobile communication products such as pocket pagers and cellular phones.

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +80°C; Storage temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.

Dimensions (Unit: mm) (LTB)

(LTB) Dimensions
(LTB) Dimensions

Technical Characteristics (LTB)

(LTB) Technical Characteristics
(LTB) Technical Characteristics
PartNumber Center Frequency (fo) (kHz) 6dB Band Width (kHz) min Selectivity ±9kHz off (dB) min Pass Band Ripple (dB) max Insertion Loss (dB) max Input / Output Impedance (Ω)
LTB450AL2 450±2 4 18 1.0 6.8 1.0/1.5
LTB455AL2 455±2
LTB465AL2 465±2
LTB450BL2 450±2 6 16 1.0 5.8 1.5/2.0
LTB455BL2 455±2
LTB465BL2 465±2

Test Circuit (LTB)

(LTB) Test Circuit
(LTB) Test Circuit

Order Codes (LTB)

Part Number