High Voltage High Frequency Resistors (RY31A)

(RY31A) - Introduction

A Perfect Choice for High Frequency RF Circuit Designs (RY31A)

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  • High Frequency Resistors (RY31A) Series

RY31A speciality MELF Non-Inductive Resistors combine the advanced pulse load capability and the suitability for RF applications in a single component.

They are the perfect choice in RF high frequency circuit designs where the parasitic inductance of regular, helical trimmed resistors can not be accepted, but where also pulse energies apply. Typical applications are in the fields of telecommunication equipment and industrial electronics.

RY31A - High Frequency Metal Oxide Film Resistor, with the inner and outer surfaces coated with a special glass, features higher thermal resistance and larger electric power capacity for the compact volume. Unlike conventional wire wound type, the volumetric resistance will provide superior stability versus frequency and excellent durability against transient voltage. RY31A is suitable for the application with large current as well as high frequency circuit.

In very low resistance values, between 1.0 and 100 ohm, these are available in rated wattage 10W, 25W, 50W, 100W, and 150W packages.

The High-Frequency RY31A Series is RoHS compliant and lead free. For customed designs, tighter tolerances, non-standard technical requirements, or custom special applications, contact our sales for more information.

Download complete specification High Voltage High Frequency Resistors (RY31A) PDF.

Features :
  • Special Oxide Film technology, Speciality product for RF applications.
  • Low-inductance non-helical trimmed product, Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.
Applications :
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Industrial electronics

(RY31A) - Electrical Characterisics (Unit: mm)

RF Non-Inductive (RY31A) Dimensions
RF Non-Inductive (RY31A) Dimensions
power (W)
range (Ω)
Pulse test
voltage (KV)
Ambient Temp.
(70° CFull Power)
D max.
L max.
d max.
l max.
10 (+20°C

50 ±5(J)

3.2 -55°C
Φ 15.1 77 Φ 10.7 5±0.5
75 4
25 50 5 Φ 25.1 121 Φ17.9 10±1
70 6.5
50 50 7.5 162
75 8.7
100 50 11 Φ 35.1 202 Φ23.1 12±1
75 12.5
150 50 12.5 302 20+2
75 12.5

Note: Request resistance within 1~100Ω, please contact Token Sales.
The resistors with the standard resistance values as showed as above. will be supplied with a shorter delivery.

(RY31A) High Frequency Resistor - Order Codes

RY31A 10W 50R K
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
Resistance Value (Ω)
51R 51Ω
56R 56Ω
62R 62Ω
68R 68Ω
75R 75Ω
Resistance Tolerance (%)
J ±5%
K ±10%