High Voltage Power Bulk Ceramic Resistors (RMCD)

(RMCD) Power Ceramic Bulk Resistor - Introduction

Tubular Bulk Ceramic Resistor Offers Higher Energy Power Dissipation & Higher Voltage Withstand

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  • Tubular Bulk Ceramic Resistor (RMCD) Series

Power High Voltage Dividers and Resistors Type RMCD extend Token Electronic's advanced proprietary high voltage resistor technology to larger devices than have previously been available on the market.

The RMCD is the bulk non-inductive ceramic tubular resistor. Because of the larger volume of resistive material, these resistors are capable of handling significantly higher pulsed power than their wirewound or metal film counterparts, making them suitable for rapid energy dumping and high energy pulse work.

This RMCD offer higher average power dissipation while retaining the advantages of high surge energy, high voltage withstand, and non-inductance. It is especially useful in RF applications such as transmitters and modulators, where the tube configuration provides more effective convection cooling.

In addition, this RMCD HV resistor and divider provides high peak voltage and power energy combined with extremely high working voltage. These specifications can provide important improvements in performance in many types of advanced electronic systems, including TWT power supplies, radar systems, X-ray systems, analytical equipment and high resolution CRT displays.

Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements, with comprehensive application engineering and design support available for customers worldwide. Contact us for details with your specific needs.

Download complete specification High Voltage Power Bulk Ceramic Resistors (RMCD) PDF.

Features :
  • Peak voltage up to 74 KV, Power (W) up to 100W. Typical resistance range 75Ω; ~ 1KΩ.
  • Resistance tolerance K(±10%). Inductance only 0.4µH max.
  • Heavy load characteristics
Applications :
  • X-Ray, Lasers, Medical Defibrillators, Dynamic Braking, Soft-start/Current-limit, RF Amplifiers, Power Conditioning
  • Radar, Motor Drives, Semiconductor Process, Broadcast Transmitters, Snubber Circuits, Dummy Loads, Energy Research

(RMCD) Bulk Ceramic Resistors - Specifications

High Voltage Resistors (RMCD) Dimensions
Tubular High Voltage Resistors (RMCD) Dimensions
Type Dimensions (Unit: mm) Resistance
Peak Voltage
L±3.0 ΦD±2.0 Φd±2.0
RMCD-100 305 25.4 15.5 75 ~ 1K ±10 30 75 100
RMCD-90 250 25.4 15.5 25 60 90
RMCD-70 200 25.4 15.5 20 45 70
RMCD-50 150 25.4 15.5 15 30 50
RMCD-35 100 25.4 15.5 10 15 35

(RMCD) - Electrical Characterisics

Type Power Rating Temperature
Resistivity Specific Heat Inductance Density Max. Operating
RMCD 35 ~ 100W -500 ~ -1500PPM/°C 5 ~ 80Ω·cm 2J/cm3·°C 0.4µH max 2.25g/cm3 220°C max

(RMCD) Power Bulk Resistors - Order Codes

RMCD 100W 100R K S B
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
Resistance Value (Ω)
82R 82Ω
100R 100Ω
470R 470Ω
820R 820Ω
1K 1KΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
K ±10%
Silver plate terminal
B black