High Voltage Metal Ceramic Resistors (RMCC)

Metal Ceramic Resistors (RMCC) Introduction

Metal Ceramic Resistor (RMCC) is The Way Allows Energy and Power to be Uniformly Distributed

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  • Metal Ceramic Surge Resistors (RMCC)

Following market demands, Token Electronics provided an extent of Bulk Ceramic Composition RMCA, RMCB Series to RMCC Series. The cap and lead assemblies are pressed onto the RMCC resistor core, finishing the resistor and providing rugged terminal attachment.

Token Surge Resistors - RMCC Series are primarily designed for high voltage, power charging/discharging circuits, surge energy applications and conform to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. For customed designs, tighter tolerances, non-standard technical requirements, or custom special applications, please contact our sales for more information.

Download complete specification High Voltage Metal Ceramic Resistors (RMCC) PDF.

Bulk Ceramic Construction :
  1. Bulk metal ceramic resistors that consists of a clay, alumina, and ceramic filler that has been blended.
  2. Pressurized into a resistive core and then covered with a molded outer insulating core.
Replacement Carbon-Composition Resistors :
  1. Design requirements for custom sizes, surface mount, or special footprints can be met easily.
  2. In cases where several carbon-composition resistors have been used together in an array to achieve a particular rating, they have been replaced with a single bulk ceramic resistor, frequently at a lower installed cost.
Features :
  1. High peak power, Rated Wattage up 5W, meets high energy density demands.
  2. Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 155°C. Resistance Tolerance K(±10%), M(±20%).
  3. Suitable for noise suppressor of engine ignition system. Reliable with non-disconnection failure.
  4. Typical resistance range 470 ohm ~ 100 Kohm. Replaces 1 and 2 watt carbon composition resistors.
Applications :
  1. Motor Drives, Broadcast Transmitters, X-Ray, Lasers, Medical Defibrillators, RF Amplifiers, Power Conditioning.
  2. Radar, Semiconductor Process, Dynamic Braking, Soft-start/Current-limit, Snubber Circuits, Dummy Loads, Energy Research.

(RMCC) Specifications

Bulk Ceramic Composition Resistors (RMCC) Dimensions
Bulk Ceramic Composition Resistors (RMCC) Dimensions
Model Style Rated Wattage Dimensions (mm)
L D H d
RMC C 1 11±1.5 4.8±0.5 25±2 0.8±0.05
RMC C 2 19±1.5 4.8±0.5 25±2 0.8±0.05
RMC C 3 25±2.0 4.8±0.5 25±2 0.8±0.05
RMC C 5 25±2.0 7.8±0.5 30±3 1.0±0.05

(RMCC) Electrical Characterisics

Power Rating at 25°C (W) 1 2 3 5
Operating Temp. Range (°C) -40 ~ 155
Resistance Tolerance K(±10%), M(±20%)
Resistance Range (Ω) 470 ~ 33K 1K ~ 56K 1K ~ 100K 470 ~ 33K
Max. Working Voltage (V) 300 350 400 500
T.C.R (PPM/°C) -40°C ~ 25°C -750 ~ 3300 -750 ~ 3300 -750 ~ 3300 -750 ~ 3300
25°C ~ 155°C -750 ~ 2600 -750 ~ 2600 -750 ~ 2600 -750 ~ 2600
Max. Pulse Voltage (KV) 8 15 20 25
Moisture Resistance (%) 10 10 10 10
Non-Inductive Performance:
  • Chemically inert and thermally stable, the resistors are inherently non-inductive because of their bulk ceramic construction.
  • Which allows energy and power to be uniformly distributed through the entire ceramic resistor body with no film or wire to fail.
  • The bulk ceramic material also allows simple efficient resistor designs that enable the designer to minimize the resistor package size while providing the required performance and reliability.

(RMCC) Metal Ceramic Resistors - Order Codes

RMC 2W c 51K K
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
c Style
Resistance Value (Ω)
510R 510Ω
5K1 5.1KΩ
51K 51KΩ
68K 68KΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
K ±10%
M ±20%