High Voltage Hermetic Hi-Meg Resistors (RH1)

(RH1) Hi-Meg Resistors - Introduction

Hermetic Resistors Lead to a High Ohmic Resistance Values

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  • Hi-Meg Hermetic Resistors - RH1 Series

Token Hi-Meg Hermetically Sealed Resistors are designed for use in electrometer circuits where a high order of performance is required an extended period of time under adverse environmental conditions.

The RH1 metal glaze resistor is disclosed as being encapsulated in a glass tube, the enclosure being hermetically sealed to conductive caps mounted on the resistor ends. The metal glaze film of the resistance path of the resistor is protected from thermal damage during heat sealing by spacing the resistance path from the conductive caps and providing an electrical path there between in the form of an extended termination.

By being vacuum sealed in a glass envelope with its resistance glaze glass characteristic, these high resistance resistors are suitable for ultra-high vacuum applications, micro current circuit measurement, and pulse load equipments.

These RH1 Series features a high degree of stability and accuracy, and operate at this high performance level for long-term stability.

For customed designs, tighter tolerances, non-standard technical requirements, or custom special applications, please contact our sales for more information.

Download complete specification High Voltage Hermetic Hi-Meg Resistors (RH1) PDF.

Features :
  • High Resistance Range 1 × 107 ~ 1 × 1012(Ω)
  • Metal Glaze resistive elements. Stability temperature and voltage
  • Resistance Tolerance (J±5%) (K±10%), Glass vacuum sealed hermetic resistors
Applications :
  • Micro Current Circuit Measurement, Surge Protection.
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Applications, Voltage Divider, Medical Instrumentation.
  • Mains Protection with Discharge Path Resistor, Current Pulse Limiters and Pulse Load Equipments.

(RH1) - Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Hermetic High Resistance High-Megohm Resistors (RH1) Dimensions
(RH1) Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Hermetic High Resistance High-Megohm Resistors

(RH1) - Specifications

Test Items Characteristics
Resistance Range 1 × 107 ~ 1 × 1012(Ω)
Resistance Tolerance (J±5%) (K±10%)
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ +125°C
Temperature Coefficient ±500PPM/°C (-55 ~ +125°C)
Damp Heat ΔR ≤ ± (5%R+0.1Ω)
Working Voltage 1000V
Rated Power 1/2 W

(RH1) - Cleaning & Handling

Hermetic High-Megohm Resistor Cleaning & Handling

  1. It should be handled by the leads, unless gloves are worn.

  2. If cleaning should become necessary, use isopropyl alcohol and lightly wipe dry with lint free tissues.

  3. These glass encapsulated (hermetic) resistors with high resistance value is required extraordinary cleanliness.

  4. Fingerprints on the surface of the resistor will attract contaminants and moisture, which will cause a parallel resistance path, reducing the resistance value of the device.

(RH1) - Order Codes

RH1 1T J
Part Number
Resistance Value (Ω)
1T 1TΩ
10T 10TΩ
100T 100TΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
J ±5%
K ±10%