Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistors

(HI82) Radial-Lead

Introduction (HI82)

HI82 sets a new standard for high value, ultra-stable precision high voltage film resistors

Radial-Lead Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistors (HI82)
Radial-Lead Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistors (HI82)

The high performance high-voltage applications require the use of high voltage resistors in applications with long-term stability and good temperature coefficient. Token Electronics has introduced ultra-stable high-precision HI82 high voltage resistors to meet these needs.

Application of Token's proven precision serpentine pattern design capability, developed a precision radial-lead type HI82 resistor to optimize low-temperature coefficient performance and long-term stability. Through the use of new alloy ruthenium film material, and with the best processing characteristics of planar ceramic chip.

Token can control the manufacture of very precise precision, stabilize the performance parameters of the important operating temperature range. This unique process has a specific resistance value in three sizes.

This unique process has a specific resistance value in three sizes, HI82-30, HI82-40, and HI82-50. Resistance range from 1MΩ to 10TΩ, precision tolerance is 0.25% to 30% available, and the temperature coefficient is 25ppm to 1000ppm. To provide the ideal cost-effective, high stability, precision accuracy, high voltage and other characteristics, is suitable for a variety of measurement, voltage divider circuit and control functions, AC and DC or pulse circuit, and high voltage power electronic equipment.

Token HI82 ultra-precision high-voltage resistors conform with RoHS and lead-free standards and provide more competitive prices and fast delivery service. For technical specifications and special applications, please contact your Token's sales representative.

Download complete specification Radial-Lead Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistors (HI82) PDF.

Features :

  1. High voltage thick film precision technology resistor.
  2. Resistance up to 10TΩ. Low temperature coefficient, low voltage coefficient.
  3. Radial leads, variable lead spacing by bending. Climatic protection by silicone coating

Composition Structure (HI82)

High Voltage Resistor Construction (HI83)
Membrane Material (a) Ruthenium Paste
Base Material (b) 95% Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3
Encapsulating Material (c) High Temperature Silicone Resin

Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistor Dimensions (Unit: mm) (HI82)

Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistor Dimensions (HI82)
Ultra-Precision High Voltage Film Resistor Dimensions (Unit: mm) - (HI82)
Part Number L ±2 S ±2 H (Max.) W ±2 I (Max.) d ±0.05
HI82-30 30.0 6.0 1.4 27.5 20 0.40
HI82-40 40.0 6.0 1.4 37.8 20 0.40
HI82-50 50.0 12.5 1.4 47.8 20 0.40
  • L = Length,S = Width,H = Thickness,d = Wire diameter。
  • W = Standard lead spacing ( Other spacing possible by bending )。

Technical Characteristics - (HI82)

Part Number Power Rating P70(W) Working Voltage (V) Resistance Range (Ω) Tolerance (%) TCR(1) (ppm) VCR(2) (ppm/V)
HI82-30 1.0 10KV 1M - 100M 0.25/0.5/5/10 25/50/100 2ppm/V
100M - 1G 1/2/5/10/20 50/100/250 5ppm/V
1G - 100G 5/10/20/30 250/500 20ppm/V
100G - 1T 5/10/20/30 500/1000 100ppm/V
HI82-40 1.2 20KV 1M - 100M 0.25/0.5/5/10 25/50/100 1ppm/V
100M - 1G 1/2/5/10/20 50/100/250 2ppm/V
1G - 100G 5/10/20/30 250/500 10ppm/V
100G - 1T 5/10/20/30 500/1000 50ppm/V
HI82-50 3.0 30KV 1M - 100M 0.25/0.5/5/10 25/50/100 1ppm/V
100M - 1G 1/2/5/10/20 25/50/100 1ppm/V
1G - 100G 5/10/20/30 100/250 5ppm/V
100G - 1T 5/10/20/30 250/500 25ppm/V
1T - 10T 10/20/30 500/1000 100ppm/V
  • (1) TCR 25/50: Temperature range +25°C ~ +85°C; (2) The voltage coefficient is measured between 10V and 100V.
  • Operating Voltage = ( P * R ) , or Max. Operating Voltage listed in above table whichever is lower.
  • Overloading Voltage = 2.5* ( P * R ) , or Max. Overloading Voltage listed in above table whichever is lower.
  • Optional specifications on request.

Environmental Characteristic

Continuous operating voltage V = ( P * R )
Measuring voltage Standard measuring voltage is 10V (50V for values >1G).
Different voltages on request.
TCR in ppm/K; Temperature range +25°C ... +125°C;
TCR25/50 and values above 1G: +25°C ... +85°C
Operating temp. range -55°C ~ +125°C
Climatic category to EN 60068-1: 55/125/56
Humidity-/contact protection Lacquer coating. Resistant to most solvents.
Isopropyl alcohol recommended for cleaning;
Do not use acetone or methylene choloride.
Avoid mechanical stress to coating.
Stability: Storage (125°C/1000h) ≤10G: <1%; >10G: <2%
Stability at Max. voltage (Max. voltage/1000h) ≤10G: <1%; >10G: <2%

Advance Technique of Non-Inductive & Serpentine Pattern (HI82)

High Voltage Resistors (HI82) Serpentine Pattern

Non-Inductive Performance:

  1. HI82 Non-Inductive Design which uses a serpentine resistive pattern that offers for zigzagging lines to carry current in opposite directions, thereby achieving maximum neutralization of flux fields over the entire length of the resistor.

  2. This efficient non-inductive construction without derating of any performance advantages is ideal for applications where high frequency is required.

Serpentine Pattern Screen Printing Design:

  1. Type High Voltage HI82 Precision Resistors combine Token's Non-Inductive serpentine pattern, high thru-put screen printed silicone coating.

  2. The alignment of the gap in the serpentine resistor pattern with the gap in the coating pattern provides a complete encapsulation of the resistor element.

  3. The cap and lead assemblies are pressed onto the resistor core, finishing the resistor and providing rugged terminal attachment.

Order Codes (HI82)

HI82 30 1G F
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
30 1.0W
40 1.2W
50 3.0W
Resistance Value (Ω)
1M1 1.1MΩ
110M 110MΩ
1G5 1.5GΩ
10G 10GΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
C ±0.25%
D ±0.5%
F ±1%
J ±5%
K ±10%
M ±20%
N ±30%