Tubular Non-Inductive High Voltage Precision Divider Resistors (HI80M)

High Voltage Resistor Dividers (HI80M) Introduction

Cylindrical Thick Film High-Voltage Resistor Dividers Provide Accuracy And Stability.

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Token Electronics is further expanding its solutions for challenging applications and introducing thick-film precision resistor dividers for high-voltage measurement circuits. The new (HI80M) was introduced to meet the growing demand in the medical, energy, industrial and instrumentation markets.

Thick film technology allows high resistance values to be printed on flat or cylindrical substrates. Not only can high resistance be obtained, but a high voltage can be applied to the thick film product with almost no change in resistance value. Many thick film resistors are printed using a serpentine pattern. This pattern helps reduce inductance and is the first choice for stable frequency applications.

As new industries expand, so does the demand for such components. Applications such as portable defibrillators, high-voltage PSUs, on-board instruments, TWT power supplies, radar systems, X-ray systems, analytical equipment, and high resolution CRT displays require components with tight tolerances, leading temperature coefficient (TCR), load life stability and extremely high impedance values to provide optimum space, weight and cost combinations. Package.

The Cylindrical (HI80M) of high quality, high voltage, versatile, non-inductive, thick film precision dividers available from Token Electronics. The (HI80M) divider features with voltage handling capability of up to 80 KVdc and has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, wide resistance range 2MΩ to 1GΩ with Resistive Ratio R2/(R1+R2) 1:1000 to 1:20000, and power up to 41W.

The (HI80M) conforms to the RoHS directives and Lead-free. To assist with your specifying high voltage divider application, please contact Token Electronics. We can offer high voltage divider combinations and solutions based on high voltage resistor sector in the catalog, or use our sophisticated features to provide higher accuracy in matching resistor sets. Customed design, and tighter tolerances are available on request.

Download complete specification Non-Inductive High Voltage Precision Resistor Dividers (HI80M).

Features :
  • High precision, Non-Inductance design.
  • High voltage, Wide range of resistance.
  • Custom design services. RoHS compliant.
Applications :
  • X-ray/Imaging Equipment, and EMI lightning suppression.
  • Radar Pulse Forming Network, Impulse Voltage Generator.
  • Energy Research, Pulse Modulator, Electric Arc Furnace Damping.
  • Capacitor Arc Suppression Circuit, High Voltage Buffer Circuit.

Cylindrical High Voltage Divider (HI80M) Dimensions

Cylindrical High Voltage Precision Resistors (HI80M) Dimensions
(HI80M) Cylindrical High Voltage Resistors
Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Type A±2 B±0.2 C±0.5 D±2 E±1 F±0.5 G H±2
HI80M-156 156 14.5 13.5 10 8.5 5 M4 10
HI80M-310 310 33 32 14 40 7 M6 10

Electrical Characteristics - (HI80M)

Item Specifications
Part Number HI80M-156 HI80M-310
Power (W)(40°C) 12W 41W
U Max Working Voltage (V) 40KVDC 80KVDC
Resistance Range (R) (R1+R2) 2M~1G 5M~1G
Absolute TCR (ppm/°C)(25°C~85°C) ±50ppm/ ±100ppm ±25ppm ±15ppm ±50ppm/ ±100ppm ±25ppm ±15ppm
Relative TCR (ppm/°C) (25°C~85°C) ±25ppm ±15ppm ±10ppm ±25ppm ±15ppm ±10ppm
Absolute Resistance Tolerance (%) ±0.25%~±5% ±0.25%~±5% ±0.25%~±5% ±0.25%~±5% ±0.25%~±5% ±0.25%~±5%
Relative Resistance Tolerance (%) ±0.25%~±0.5% ±0.1%~±0.5% ±0.1%~±0.5% ±0.25%~±0.5% ±0.1%~±0.5% ±0.1%~±0.5%
Insulation Voltage (V) >1000VDC
Resistive Ratio: R2/(R1+R2) 1:1000 to 1:20000
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -55°C~+125°C
Coated Silicone
Terminal Nickel plated copper cap
Overload 5 times of Rated Power do not exceed 1.5UMax 5s, R≤±(0.2%+0.05Ω)
Load Life 1000Hrs. at Rated Power,ΔR≤±(0.5%+0.05Ω)
Steady heat 40°C,RH≥95%, 240Hrs,ΔR≤±(0.4%+0.05Ω)
Rapid Change of Temperature -55~155°C at 5 cycles,ΔR≤±(0.2%+0.05Ω)
  • Working Voltage = ( P * R ) or Max. Working Voltage listed in above table whichever is lower.
  • Overloading Voltage = ( 5P * R ) or 1.5 * Max. Working Voltage listed in above table whichever is lower.

Derating Curve (HI80M)

High Voltage Resistor Construction (HI80D & HI80T)

High Voltage Precision Divider Resistors - Order Codes (HI80M)

HI80M 156 C2C3 20M 5K JD
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
156 12W
310 41W
TCR (ppm/°C)
C1C2 100ppm absolute and 50ppm relative
C1C3 100ppm absolute and 25ppm relative
C2C3 50ppm absolute and 25ppm relative
R1 + R2 (Ω)
20M 19.5MΩ + 5KΩ
30M 29.5MΩ + 5KΩ
150M 148.5MΩ + 1.5MΩ
R2 (Ω)
5K 5KΩ
1M 1MΩ
1M5 1.5MΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
JF ±5% absolute and ±1% relative
JD ±5% absolute and ±0.5% relative
FC ±1% absolute and ±0.25% relative