Air Coils Inductors, Spring Coils (TCAC)

Introduction (TCAC)

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  • Hollow Air coils (TCAC)
  • Spring Air Coils (TCAC)
  • Spring Air Inductors (TCAC)
  • Spring Air Hollow Coil Inductors (TCAC)

Token will do any custom coil windings of Air Coils (Spring Coils) for you.

Token manufactures all types of air coil inductors. Air Core Coils' another name is Spring Coils. Token's Air Core Coil (TCAC) Series has advantages of free from iron losses, non-linearity, single layer coils structure, low self-capacitance, and self-resonant frequency.

TCAC's inductance is unaffected by the current it carries. This contrasts with the situation with coils using ferromagnetic cores whose inductance tends to reach a peak at moderate field strengths before dropping towards zero as saturation approaches. Sometimes non-linearity in the magnetization curve can be tolerated; for example in switching converters. In circuits such as audio cross over networks in Hi-Fi speaker systems you must avoid distortion; then you need an air core coil. Most radio transmitters rely on air coils to prevent the production of harmonics.

Token's (TCAC) Series is custom coil windings. Please call Token Sales for your requirements to have high quality work at a reasonable tooling cost and low cost volume production.

Download complete specification Single Layer Coils Structure (TCAC) PDF.

Features :
  • High Q values, High frequency
  • All lead-free, (RoHS).
  • Radial, Vertical Dip.
Applications :
  • Video Camera, Video Tape Recorder.
  • CATV & Electronic Products.
  • Cellular Phone, ADSL Modem.
  • Display Monitor, Set up box.

Air Coil Configurations (TCAC)

Spring Air Coils Inductors (TCAC) Configurations
Coils can be designed according to customer requirements.
Hollow Air coils (TCAC) -A
Hollow Air coils (TCAC) -B
Hollow Air coils (TCAC) -C
Hollow Air coils (TCAC) -D

Air Coil Type (TCAC)

L-Type Spring Air Coils (TCAC)
LP-Type Spring Air Coils (TCAC)
RS-Type Spring Air Coils (TCAC)
RS-Type Spring Air Inductors (TCAC)
RPS-Type Spring Air Inductors (TCAC)
LS-Type Spring Air Inductors (TCAC)
LPS-Type Spring Inductor (TCAC)
RV-Type Spring Inductor (TCAC)
LV-Type Spring Inductor (TCAC)
RH-Type Spring Coils (TCAC)
LH-Type Spring Coils (TCAC)
RHA-Type Spring Coils (TCAC)
A Air Hollow coils (TCAC)
B Air Hollow coils (TCAC)
A Air Hollow Inductor (TCAC)
B Air Hollow Inductor (TCAC)
A Spring Hollow coil (TCAC)
B Spring Hollow coil (TCAC)

Note: Design as Customer's Requested Specifications.

Order Codes (TCAC)

TCAC - R - 0.8 × 3.1 × 8.5
Part Number
Type of Winding
R Clockwise winding
L Counter clockwise winding
Wire Diameter(mm)
Inner Diameter(mm)
Number of Turns