Heating Resistors (HR)

Introduction (HR)

Token Ceramic Thermal Far Infrared Heating Resistors (HR) with Customized Design.

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  • Heating Resistors - HR Series

Token thermal far-infrared radiation ceramic glaze membrane components electric membrane is the introduction of new materials and new technologies produced a new generation of high-temperature membrane electric products, which compared to conventional electric heating elements have an unparalleled advantage. Download heat resistors (HR).

Features :
  • Performance and stability, long service life.
  • Materials for corrosion-resistant ceramic glaze, a wide range of hand-hygiene requirements are high or corrosive gas environment.
  • For the efficient, new home appliances, high efficiency, excellent features, good seismic performance, simple and precise temperature control, energy saving.
  • Components of a wide range of baked products, a good drying effect.
  • A very good impact resistance voltage capability, high durability.
  • Are widely used in industrial production, household appliances, medical equipment.

(HR) Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Heating Resistors - HR Series Dimensions
Heating Resistors - HR Series Dimensions
Type L±3.0 ΦD±2.0 Φd±2.0 B±2.0
HR 250 12 9.5 13
250 16 12 13
250 21 17 13
250 25 19 13
  • For ΦD=12 Type, the length upon customized request up to 340mm.
  • For ΦD=16, ΦD=21 and ΦD=25 Type, the length upon customized request up to 600mm.
  • B: upon request.

(HR) Specifications

Type Resistance Range Resistance Tolerance Rated Power Working Voltage Operating Temperature
HR 1Ω ~ 10KΩ K (±10%)
M (±20%)
1W ~ 3000W 220V 650°C Max.

(HR) Electrical Specifications

Parameters Heat Resistors GB4654-84GB7287-87
Service life >10000h >2000h
Directional radiation >91% >83%
Electric radiation conversion rate >61.5% 50%
Power attenuation <3% /
Thermal response time <4min 20min
Spectral range 2.5-50μm /
Peak wavelength of radiation power 4.5μm /
Radiation mode Directly heater, no thermal heating wire. /

Advantage Ceramic glaze electric components on film (HR) Heat Resistors

High temperature electric heating element is the use of membrane technology, new materials, new technology developed from a new generation of highly efficient energy-saving electric products, Heat Resistor HR is not a conventional electric heating electric wire, with traditional electric heating of different ways.

Electric high temperature membrane through special technology, a unique formula will be a variety of high temperature chemical element in the growth of high-strength composite ceramic substrate surface conductive heat generated films, and its surface covered in a layer of the far-infrared very thin insulating layer to Streng then its far-infrared radiation, increase the insulation properties and acid and alkali, moisture resistant.

High temperature electric heating elements of the resistance film has a good positive temperature coefficient (PTC) characteristics of long-term use of non-power recession, thus ensuring more than 10,000 hours life of components.

Film high temperature electric heating elements used for high-intensity special ceramic matrix, the high temperature membrane for electric heat source, the maximum temperature up to 800°C (General Electric film can only work at 300°C below) so stable performance.

High temperature electric heating elements major film performance indicators have reached or exceeded the international advanced level infrared radiation components.

As high temperature electric heating element is a membrane surface heating elements, with small size, light weight, small thermal inertia, heat a very short response time, the heating elements maximum spectral wavelengths and water, paint, textile and chemical fiber materials absorb infrared wavelength consistent, so heating range.

Far-infrared emission rate of 0.90 for the test, high temperature electric heating elements than the membrane electric wire, electric power saving of more than 30~40 percent.

Heating Resistor (HR) Order Codes

HR 1800 B 27Ω K 220V 450C S Black
Product Type
Power Rating
A Quartz
B Ceramic
Resistance Value
Resistance Tolerance
K ±10%
Working Voltage
Operating Temperature
Silver plate terminal