High Current Common Mode Chokes (TCPSEH) for Power Cord

Introduction (TCPSEH)

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  • High Current Common Mode Chokes (TCPSEH)

Token newly released Common Mode Choke (TCPSEH) which handles currents up to 8.0 amps.

Comprehending the distinction between common mode signals and differential mode signals is very essential as we have to understand what the circuit requires to lessen noise.

How can we determine if the noise is differential or common mode? One method to test whether the issue is common mode or differential mode is always to fasten a snap cable ferrite towards the cable under consideration. By attaching the snap cable ferrite, we must make sure that If there's a noticable difference within the decrease in noise, the issue is common mode. Otherwise, then there's a differential problem. But bear in mind that within the cable are generally wires incorporated, towards and backwards the burden.

Common mode chokes are utilized to reduce a particular kind of electrical noise referred to as Common Mode Noise. They are also known as Current Compensated chokes or Current Cancellation chokes. Common mode chokes (TCPSEH) work nicely in applications like AC/Electricity power supplies (lines with large current movement) and signal lines, where distortion from the signal can create problems.

To precisely decide which common mode will support your requirements, here we use Nickel Zinc for wideband and greater frequency applications and Manganese Zinc for lower bandwidth and frequency applications. Token Common Mode Choke (TCPSEH) taking the advantage of Manganese Zinc and Nickel Zinc materials booms frequency up to higher 100 megahertz side.

Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements, with comprehensive application engineering and design support available for customers worldwide.

Download Complete Datasheet High Current Common Mode Chokes (TCPSEH) PDF.

Features :
  • Very high rated current and low RDC.
  • Wire wound constructure common mode choke.
  • With best EMI suppression effect high impedance.
  • A wide range of SMD package design, 7.0 × 6.0 × 3.8 , 9.0 × 7.0 × 4.8 , 12.0 × 10.8 × 6.4.
Applications :
  • Wireless charging and power device design.
  • Best for high current circuit such as car.
  • Radiation emissions from power line or else.
  • Preventive measure against common mode noise.

Configurations & Dimensions (TCPSEH) Unit: mm

EMI Common Mode Choke (TCPSEH) Configurations
EMI Common Mode Choke (TCPSEH) Dimensions
(TCPSEH) Dimensions
TCPSEH-7060SE 7.0±0.5 6.0±0.5 3.8max 3.5REF 1.5±0.2 1.5±0.2 1.75±0.2
TCPSEH-9070SE 9.0±0.5 7.0±0.5 4.8max 5.7REF 1.5±0.2 2.0±0.2 1.70±0.2
TCPSEH-1211SE 12.0±0.5 10.8±0.5 6.4max 7.0REF 2.7±0.2 2.5±0.2 2.5±0.2

Electrical Characteristics (TCPSEH)

Part Number Impedance (Ω)
DC Resistance (mΩ) Max. Rated Current (A) Max. Rated Voltage V Max. Insulation Resistance (mΩ) Min.
TCPSEH-7060-301TR 225 10.0 5.0 80 10
TCPSEH-7060-701TR 500 15.0 4.0 80 10
TCPSEH-7060-102TR 800 17.0 3.0 80 10
TCPSEH-7060-132TR 910 21.0 2.5 80 10
TCPSEH-9070-701TR 500 10.0 5.0 50 10
TCPSEH-9070-102TR 750 13.0 4.0 50 10
TCPSEH-1211-701TR 500 6.0 8.0 125 10
TCPSEH-1211-102TR 750 14.0 6.0 125 10

Impedance VS Frequency (TCPSEH)

Impedance VS Frequency A
Impedance VS Frequency B
Impedance VS Frequency C

Order Codes (TCPSEH)

TCPSE H - 7060 - 301 TR
Part Number
Shielding Type
H Shielding
Dimensions (mm)
7060 7.0×6.0×3.8
9070 9.0×7.0×4.8
1211 12.0×10.8×6.4
Reference function specification table
P Bulk
TR Taping Reel