SMD Top Air Core (Coils) Inductors (TRAD)

Introduction (TRAD)

Token will wind any Air Core Inductors for you.

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  • Ultra-Miniature Non-Flat Air Coils (TRAD)
  • SMD Ultra-Miniature Air Coils (TRAD)
  • SMD Top Air Core Inductors (TRAD)
  • SMD Top Air Core Coils (TRAD)
  • SMD Non-Flat Air Core Coils (TRAD)

Token's ultra-miniature single layer coil has two advantages. Firstly, like all air core coils, it is free from iron losses and the non-linearity. Secondly, single layer coils have the additional advantage of low self-capacitance and thus high self-resonant frequency. Air Coils is known as "Spring Coils". Token manufactures all types of air coils inductors.

Single layer air coil windings formula and the Q factor can be referred at Equations of Single Layer Air Coil Winding Formula and Methods.

TRAD's inductance is unaffected by the current it carries. This contrasts with the situation with coils using ferromagnetic cores whose inductance tends to reach a peak at moderate field strengths before dropping towards zero as saturation approaches. (TRAD) series features better Q-factor, greater efficiency, greater power handling, Highest possible SRFs, and less distortion.

Token RF chip inductor non-flat top air core inductor conforms to the RoHS directive and Lead-free. Application of specific designs also available including different inductance values and Q specifications adjusted to frequency requirements.

Custom parts are available on request. Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information.

Download complete specification Surface Mount Ultra-Miniature Non-Flat Top (TRAD) PDF.

  • Solder coated leads ensure reliable soldering.
  • Highest possible SRFs as well as excellent Q values.
  • High frequency. Non-Flat top and bottom for mechanical stability.
  • Pager, Cordless phone.
  • High Freq. Communication Products.

Configurations & Dimensions (Unit: mm) (TRAD)

Ultra-Miniature Non-Flat (TRAD) Dimensions
Ultra-Miniature Non-Flat (TRAD) Dimensions
  • Note: Design as Customer's Requested Specifications.

Order Codes (TRAD)

TRAD R - 1.0 × 3.5 × 10
Part Number
Type of Winding
R Clockwise winding
L Counter clockwise winding
Wire Diameter
Inner Diameter
Numbers of Turns