Zero Ohm Resistors & Jumper Wire (ZO, JW)

(ZO, JW) Jumper Wire Zero Ohm Resistor - Introduction

A Quick Solution to PCB Board Connections

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  • Zero Ohm and Jumper Wire Resistors - ZO, JW Series

Jumper Wire (JW series a zero-ohm link) and zero-ohm resistor (ZO series) are a link used to connect traces on a printed circuit board that is packaged in the same format as a resistor.

The resistance of JW and ZO series is only approximately zero; only a maximum 0.05Ω is specified. Thus, a fractional tolerance (as a percentage of the zero-ohm ideal value) would be infinite and is not specified.

Axial through-hole zero-ohm resistors are especially suited for automatic machine insertion and generally marked with a single black band.

Allowing customers to standardise on the PCB layout and use jumper wire and zero ohm resistor for required model variations, Token has developed a wider version for the interconnection device between points on a PCB board as jumper wires or crossovers. Contact us with your specific needs.

Downloads Complete Specification PDF Zero Ohm Resistors & Jumper Wire (ZO, JW).

Features :
  • Ideal straight - through between point on PC Boards.
  • Maximum resistance 0.05Ω, RoHS compliant with 100% lead free.
  • Lead Material: Tin-plated copper lead, Packing: Tape/Reeled or Bulk.
Applications :
  • Interrupt processing, Input and output distribution.
  • Ideal connection for circuit boards, Dummy components on a PCB test board.
JW and ZO Series offer a quick solution to the following problems: :
  • Circuit tuning by changing point connections.
  • An "after the fact design" the requires new point connections.
  • Inability to connect two points on a PCB board due to other circuit paths which must be crossed over.

(ZO)Zero Ohm Resistor - General Specification (Unit: mm)

Zero Ohm Resistors (ZO) Dimensions
Zero Ohm Resistors (ZO) Dimensions
Type Rating Dimension (mm)
L Max. D Max. H ± 3 d+0.02-0.04
ZO - 1/8 0.125W 4.2 2.0 28 0.5
ZO- 1/4 0.25W 6.8 2.5 28 0.5

(JW) Jumper Wire - General Specification (Unit: mm)

Jumper Wire (JW) Dimensions
Taping Jumper Wire (JW) Dimensions
Type L±1 d+0.02 -0.04 H P
JW-A 61.5 0.5 3 - 10 5 - 30
JW-B 61.5 0.6 3 - 10 5 - 30

Construction & Dimensions (Unit: mm) Jumper Wire Forming (JW)

Jumper Wire (JW) Dimensions
Forming Jumper Wire (JW) Construction
JW-B-M-5×5×5 0.6±0.05 5±1.0 5±1.0
JW-B-M-8×5×8 0.6±0.05 5±1.0 8±1.0

Electrical Characteristics Jumper Wire (JW)

Requirements Characteristics
Current Rating 6 AMPS at 70°C
Conductor Resistance 0.54mΩ/cm
Material Tin-plated copper
Element of Plating Tin 99.9~100%, Lead 0~0.01% Max.
Thickness of Plating 5μ±2μ
Solder ability 260±5, 3sec. Coverage 95%
Conductivity 96% Min.
Tensile 26 Kg/mm2 Max.
Elongation 20% Min.

(ZO, JW) Electrical Performance

Requirements Characteristics
Maximum Resistance 0.05Ω
Lead Material tin-plead copper
Body Material Electrical grade, high performance molding compound
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Atomspheric-500V RMS, Reduced-325V RMS
Insulation Flammability Resistor Insulation is self extinguishing within 10
seconds after externally applied flame is removed.
Current Rating 25 AMPS at 25°C, dreading to 0 AMPS at 150°C

(ZO, JW) Zero Ohm Resistor & Jumper Wire - Order Codes

ZO-1/4 0.25W TB
Part Number
Rated Power (W)
P Bulk
TB Taping Box

(JW) Forming Jumper Wire - Order Codes

JW B M 5×5×5
Product Type.
Wire Diameter B: Φ0.6mm
Forming Type
Size (mm)

  • Package Information of Jumper Wire Forming: Bulk Type, 5KPcs/Bag/Box.