Long Leads Wirewound Enameled Resistor (DRB16)

(DRB16) Long Leads Wirewound Resistors - Introduction

Token (DRB16) provides vertical lead and horizontal lead for easy installation, small size, and high resistance.

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  • Long Lead Wirewound Enameled Resistors - DRB16

Token Electonics provides (DRB16) Long Lead Wirewound Enameled Resistor. Long leads give two types of installation in vertical and horizontal leads with competitive prices. Resistance range from 1Ω to 10KΩ, power range from 3W ~ 20W, and the highest operating voltage from 120V to 750V are availible. Size and specification match the industry standard.

The vertical and horizontal lead type glass glaze resistor is the resistance wiring around the heat-resistant porcelain body. Surface coated with wet-resistant, heat-resistant, non-corrosive coatings (such as silicone, epoxy resin, cement, glaze porcelain, etc.) for protection. Its characteristics are: small temperature coefficient, excellent heat resistance, light weight, low noise, overload resistance, low resistance change rate, and better heat transfer characteristics than conventional wire-wound power resistors. Lead-free product (DRB16) meets RoHS Standard and lead-free standard.

The vitreous enamelled resistor (DRB16) is used to replace the traditional paint of the resistance body, and the resistance caused by the unbearable thermal stress "high temperature". (DRB16) provides durable lead-free enameled coatings that allow wirewound resistors to maintain a hardened coating that can be worked in high temperature environments. The fully welded structure strengthens the mechanical integrity.

When cost, quality, and reliability are key factors, the power type (DRB16) line winding is the best choice. It can provide Ayrton Perry line-winding application requirements. These (DRB16) come with short production cycle, and widely used in power tools, switch applications, power supplies, welding machines, high voltage applications, consumer product applications, home entertainment, home appliances products. For the customized special applications, please contact our sales to discuss the details.

Download complete datasheet: Long Lead Wirewound Enameled Resistors - DRB16。

  • Small size, high resistance.
  • Simple structure, easy to install.
  • Vertical lead and horizontal lead two kinds of installation methods.
  • Electric Tools, Welding Machine, Power Supply.
  • Consumer Product Application, Switch Application, High Voltage Applications.

(DRB16) - Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Horizontal Long Lead Enameled Wirewound Resistor (DRB16)
(DRB16) Enameled Wirewound Resistor
Horizontal Long Lead Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Vertical Long Lead Enameled Wirewound Resistor (DRB16)
(DRB16) Wirewound Enameled Power Resistor
Vertical Long Lead Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Type Rating Power (W) Resistance (Ω) Resistance Tolerance (%) Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C) Working Voltage (V) Dimensions (mm)
L ±1 OD ±1 ID ±1 e ±3 d ±0.2 H ±1
DRB16-3 3W 1 ~ -1k ±5% (J)

±10% (K)
250 120 11 7.5 3.6 38±3 0.8 7
DRB16-5 5W 5 ~ -1.5k 150 16 8.5 3.6 38±3 0.8 11
DRB16-6 6W 6 ~ -4.7k 250 25 10.5 4.8 38±3 1 19
DRB16-12 12W 12 ~ -4.7k 600 44.5 10.5 4.8 38±3 1 36.5
DRB16-20 20W 20 ~ -10k 750 51 14.3 7.9 38±3 1 43

(DRB16) Performance

Test Item Characteristics Test Methods
Solderability Free flow of solder 235°C ± 5°C, 2s Groove welding
Terminal strength ΔR ≤ ± (1%R + 0.05Ω) ≤4.3W 10N, ≥6W 20N
Overloading ΔR ≤ ± (1%R + 0.05Ω) Applied 10 times the rated power load 5s
Rapid temperature Change ΔR ≤ ± (1%R + 0.05Ω) θ A=-55°C θ B=+200°C, 5 Cycles
Collision Test ΔR ≤ ± (1%R + 0.05Ω) Acceleration 390m/s2, 4000次
Impact Test ΔR ≤ ± (1%R + 0.05Ω) Acceleration 490m/s2, 11ms, 18次
Vibration Test ΔR ≤ ± (2%R + 0.1Ω) Frequency 10-500Hz, Acceleration 98m/s2, 6h
Temperature Rise <245°C Apply rated power Load
Constant Damp Heat ΔR ≤ ± (5%R + 0.1Ω) Temperature 40±2°C, Temperature 93+2/-3%, 56h
Room temperature Durability ΔR ≤ ± (5%R + 0.1Ω) Rated power load at room temperature 1000h

(DRB16) Derating Curve

Derating Curve (DRB16)

(DRB16) Order Codes

DRB16 - 3 10R J VL VE
Rating Power (W)
3 3W
5 5W
6 6W
12 12W
20 20W
Resistance Value (Ω)
10R 10Ω
110R 110Ω
1K1 1.1KΩ
10K 10KΩ
Resistance Tolerance
J ±5%
K ±10%
Lead Type
VL Vertical Lead
HL Horizontal Lead
VE Vitreous Enamelled
LF RoHS Enamelled
NF Nonflammable Epoxy