Product Capacity of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Ceramic Filters

Filters for FM Series, TV/VCR Stage, Communications Max. 3,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Discriminators Max. 1,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Trap Filter Max. 1,500,000 Pcs/month
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Ceramic Resonators

(KHz) Ceramic Resonator Max. 4,000,000 Pcs/month
(MHz) Ceramic Resonator Max. 3,500,000 Pcs/month
Ceramic Case Crystal Resonator Max. 2,500,000 Pcs/month
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Microwave Dielectric Components

Dielectric Resonators & Materials Max. 7,500,000 Pcs/month
DR Coaxial Resonators Series Max. 2,800,000 Pcs/month
Dielectric Patch Antenna Series Max. 2,500,000 Pcs/month
Dielectric Filters Max. 3,000,000 Pcs/month
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SAW Components

SAW for IF & RF Filters for Digital Satellite Broadcasting, GPS, WLAN, Cordless Phone, Communication... Max. 2,300,000 Pcs/month
Saw Resonators for Automotive Electronics & Remote Control Max. 3,200,000 Pcs/month
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