Through Hole Chokes and Inductors (TCPC)

Introduction (TCPC)

Token Choke and Inductor are available lot of dimensions to choose.

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  • Through Hole Choke Inductors (TCPC)
  • Chokes and Inductors (TCPC)

Token TCPC series structure with epoxy resin encapsulated mould sealed and are available with vertical and horizontal type. The TCPC features with small size, high Q value, low cost, high self-resonance frequency, high availability of a large induced current, small magnetic flux leakage.

The TCPC is suotable for display monitors, camera, microwave ovens, lighting equipment, mobile phones, broadband modems, game consoles, color TV, VCR, notebook computers, inkjet printers, photocopying machines, automotive electronics products.

Token will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information.

Download complete specification (TCPC) PDF .

Features :
  • High rated current.
  • Various dimensions to choose.
Applications :
  • Typewriter, Power amplifiers.
  • Switching Regulators, Power Suppliers, Car Electronics.

Configurations & Dimensions (Unit: mm) (TCPC)

Vertical and Horizontal Choke (TCPC) Dimensions
Vertical and Horizontal Choke (TCPC) Dimensions

Order Codes (TCPC)

TCPC 0513 H - 100 K
Part Number
Core Dimension
Diameter & Length
1R0 1.0µH
100 10.0µH
J 5%
K 10%
L 15%
M 20%
N 30%
Y min