Inductor Filter Wide Band Choke Coils (TCWB)

Introduction (TCWB)

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  • Broadband Choke Inductors - TCWB Series

Excellent EMI Suppression Capability Wide Band Choke Coils (Inductor Filter).

Broadband choke inductors, also known as choke coils, is a common mode ferrite as the core of the interference suppression devices. It consists of two same size, the same number of turns of coils, symmetrically wound on the same ferrite toroidal cores, and forming a four-terminal device.

Shown on the common-mode signal inhibits the growth of large inductor, but for differential-mode signal showing a small leakage inductance is almost ineffective. Choke coils used in a balanced circuit can effectively suppress common mode interference signals (such as lightning interference), while the normal transmission line differential-mode signal has no effect.

Token's TCWB series use of insulation between the coil core winding method. To ensure that the transient over-voltage under the action of short circuit breakdown does not occur. And when the instantaneous high currents flowing through the coil, the core is not saturated. The wide band choke cores mainly used in the PC boards to filters the EMI from the outsides.

Token utilizes the latest winding technology reducing parasitic capacitance of the coil and enhancing the ability of transient over-voltage. Token Electronics will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements, with comprehensive application engineering and design support available for customers worldwide.

Download complete specification Broadband Choke Inductors (TCWB) PDF.

Features :
  • Ferrite core construction of low cost.
Applications :
  • VGA card, EGA card, Mother board, TV game.

Configurations & Dimensions (Unit: mm) (TCWB)

Broadband Chokes (TCWB) Dimensions
Broadband Chokes (TCWB) Dimensions
Type ΦA ± 0.5 B ± 0.5 C ± 3.0 ΦD ± 0.05
TCWBR6H - 1.5Ts 6.0 10.0 25.0 0.5 / 0.6
TCWBR6H - 2.5Ts 6.0 10.0 25.0 0.5 / 0.6
TCWBR6H - 3.0Ts 6.0 10.0 25.0 0.5 / 0.6
TCWBR6H - 1.5+1.5Ts 6.0 10.0 25.0 0.5 / 0.6

Note: Design as Customer's Requested Specifications.

Order Codes (TCWB)

TCWB R6H - 2.5
12 3
Part Number
R6H 6 holes
R8H 8 holes
No. of Turns