Metal Plate Large Current Sense Power Shunts (FLP)

Metal Plate Shunt Resistors (FLP) Introduction

Token's Metal Plate Shunt (FLP) serves high-current precision measurement applications.

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  • Large Current Shunt Resistors (FLP)

Token Electronics provides a wide range of precise shunts designed for high current applications requiring high precision, such as instruments, power supplies, watt-hour meters, automotive control systems, etc.

As one of current sensing resistors, metal plate alloy shunt resistors are precise low resistance which are often used in AC or DC voltage measurement. They are also called ammeter shunts.

The FLP shunt is composed of precise manganese kamar alloy plate, which is easy to weld and ensures the electrical performance of the welding joint. Strong structure provides high reliability, low inductance, and high load capacity. It is widely used in current limiting circuits such as communication systems, electronic machines, automatic control power supply, and current sharing or sampling detection.

Metal Plate FLP shunts can withstand higher current load than traditional resistors and surface mount resistors. Its power can reach 3W~70W, temperature coefficient ±50ppm/ °C, ±100ppm/ °C, inductance is less than 10 nH, resistance is as low as 0.00005Ω, tolerance accuracy ±1%, ±2%, and ±5%, and overcurrent capacity can reach 100A~600A.

Token provides bulk FLP series, which meets the lead-free and RoHS compliant. It can be customized according to customer's needs and provide customers with lower resistance series current sensing shunt resistors. Special resistance, size, specifications, and latest product information, please contact our Business Department.

Download PDF Specification: Metal Plate Large Current Sense Resistor Power Shunts (FLP).

  • TCR down to ±50ppm/°C and ±100ppm/°C.
  • Inductance less than 10 nH, Lead-free and RoHS compliant.
  • Overcurrent capacity 100A ~ 600A, Rated Power 3W ~ 70W.
  • Tolerance ±1%, ±2%, ±5%. Resistance values down to 0.00005Ω.
  • Drive technology, Home Appliance.
  • Current Sensing, Power Electronic, Automotive electronics, Communication System.

Power Shunts (FLP) Dimensions (Unit: mm)

FLP - Shunt Resistors Dimensions
FLP - Power Shunts Dimensions
Type * Over current / A W (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) A (mm)
FLP-M-0m05 600 85±0.5 4.5±0.2 18±0.5 3±0.1 2.15±0.1
FLP-M-0m10 600 84±0.5 10±0.2 20±0.5 3±0.1 2.3±0.1
FLP-M-0m10 400 35±0.5 5±0.2 15±0.5 1.5±0.1 -
FLP-M-0m20 600 50±0.5 10±0.2 10±0.5 3±0.1 2.3±0.1
FLP-M-0m50 150 35±0.5 8±0.2 15±0.5 0.47±0.1 -
FLP-M-R001 100 35±0.5 12±0.2 15±0.5 0.35±0.1 -
FLP-K-R002 150 35±0.5 14±0.2 15±0.5 0.62±0.1 -
FLP-K-R004 100 35±0.5 14±0.2 15±0.5 0.31±0.1 -
  • Overcurrent is the current exceeds the rated current.
  • Circuit currents larger than the rated load current of the circuit conductor are all overcurrent including overload current and short circuit current.
  • The difference is that the overcurrent before the circuit insulation damage is called overload current, and the overcurrent after the insulation damage is called short-circuit current.

FLP - Surface Temperature Curve

urface Temperature Curve
FLP - Surface Temperature Curve

FLP - TCR Derating Curve

TCR Derating Curve
FLP - TCR Derating Curve

Shunt Resistors (FLP) Environmental Characteristics

Iterms Requirement Test Methods
Temperature Cycling ±0.5% JESD22
1000 Cycles (-55°C to +125°C). Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
High Temperature Exposure ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
1000hrs.@T=125°C. Unpowered. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
Moisture Resistance ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
Note:Steps 7a &anp; 7b not required.Unpowered. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
Biased Humidity ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
1000hrs 85°C/85% RH.
Note: Specified conditions: 10% of operating power. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
Operational Life ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
Condition D Steady State TA=125°C at rated power. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
Solderability 95% Coverage Minimum. J-STD-002C
245°C±5°C, 5s+0.5s/-0.
Resistance to Soldering Heat ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
260°C±5°C, 10s±1s. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
Short Time Overload ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
5 × Rated power for 5s. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.
Thermal Shock ±1% MIL-STD-202
-55°C/+125°C, 300 Cycles. Maximum transfer time 20s, Dwell time 15min.
Vibration ±0.5% MIL-STD-202
5g's for 20 min, 12 cycles each of 3 orientations.
Note: Use 8"X5" PCB .031" thick 7" secure points on one long side and secure points at corners of opposite sides which parts mounted within 2 from any secure point. Test from (10-2000)Hz. Measurement at 24±2 hours after test.

Shunt Resistors (FLP) Derating Curve

(FLP) Power Derating Cruve
Rated power VS Ambient temperature (Power Derating Cruve)

Large Current Shunts (FLP) Internal Package

(FLP) Internal Package
FLP - Internal Package
Type L/mm W/mm T/mm
P1 130 130 0.2
P2 160 160 0.2
P3 210 150 0.1

Large Current Shunts (FLP) External Package

(FLP) External Package
FLP - External Package
Type L/mm W/mm H/mm
B1 170 120 50
B2 240 180 115
B3 230 170 200
B4 250 250 250
B5 300 300 300

Metal Plate Large Current Sense Power Shunts (FLP) - Order Code

FLP - 600 M 0m20 F
Over Current (A)
100 100 A
150 150 A
400 400 A
600 600 A
M Manganin
K Kamar
Value (Ω)
0m05 0.00005Ω
0m20 0.0002Ω
0m50 0.0005Ω
R001 0.001Ω
R004 0.004Ω
Tolerance (%)
J ±5%
G ±2%
F ±1%